2021  Horror  

Director: Ben Ellis-Nicholson

Awards: Best Horror, Best First Time Filmmaker

Alex and Lucy are an expecting couple, when Alex’s antisocial uncle leaves his will to be sorted alphabetically upon his mysterious death, Alex is left with this Victorian “fixer-upper” and a desire to do family life right. Lucy, however, finds the house makes her uncomfortable, and begins to question if she is ready to become a mother.

Filled with winding staircases, peeling wallpaper and ominous paintings it’s no surprise Lucy is having second thoughts. When blood is spilt a curse comes alive and the house slowly begins to show its true colours….

‘THE HOUSE THAT BLEEDS’ is a short film made during the COVID19 Pandemic, originally intended to be a live action film it was adapted into using puppets instead, being one of the first live action horror shorts to use Jim Henson-style puppets for the protagonists.

Ben Ellis Nicholson is a northern Writer Director who is passionate about practical SFX. Horror fanatic by nature, Ben has combined his 8 year love of short film making with what really makes him smile and scream- fake blood and gory gags! Bringing the original horror-drama script to a puppet sized lockdown short has been a welcome challenge, and involved a whole new set of practical problems to solve.


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