Student Film Festival

Showcasing Young filmmakers and encouraging inspirational work

UK based Bi-Monthly Film Festival for young filmmakers. We generate next level exposure for up-and-coming filmmakers of any calibre.

We don’t just showcase your work, as part of our community we offer the chance to have your film reviewed, host networking events with other filmmakers and allow you to grow your network with the opportunity to find new crews to work with in the future.

As a festival that focuses on the future of film, we act as a stepping stone between education and the film industry. We are a competition that exhibits thought-provoking, innovative stories that demonstrate young and emerging talent.


Our Mission

As an online monthly festival and live annual festival, we aim to bring together young filmmakers, broaden their network and create a more connected film industry of fresh talent.


As a team of young creatives, we understand there needs to be support among our community to help each other to break into the industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted this festival with exactly that in mind. We’re filmmakers who love cinema, we enjoy seeing new films and discussing their concepts as well as the themes they bring. Our responses are fast and immediate, we understand the wait time it takes to hear back on film feedback. We offer constructive criticism on your projects and host networking events with other filmmakers to grow your network.

UK Film Festival

Filmmakers - What we're looking for

In Future Generations Film Festival we look for three qualities in Filmmakers:

Innovation – Whether it’s coming up with a unique concept or developing new themes and going against tropes of typically known plots; We look at filmmakers who show promise of eventually developing their own style, contributing new ideas into the industry and showcase unexplored perspectives.

Progression – We understand filmmakers, while we have a standard to what we accept within the festival, we also acknowledge their experience within the industry. We support and promote first time filmmakers, offering our advice in advancing further in their career.

Emotion – We all enjoy a well-crafted, high production value film but ultimately what’s more important is the story.  The emotional journey that we, the audience, embark on. Whether it makes you laugh at the satirical plot, frightened at the sudden jump scare or cry at the bittersweet ending, it’s the emotions the filmmakers can convey to an audience is what is really behind great filmmaking and what we hope to see in our nominees and winners.

After each bi-monthly festival, the winners will be nominated in the annual festival.

Monthly + Annual film Festivals

How our film festivals work

The film festival splits into 2:

Bi-Monthly UK Film Festival: 

After entering your film into one of our categories, we go through the selection process, ensuring certain criteria is met within your films. Three will be selected within each category for which we provide a selection Laurel for you to display proudly on your socials and marketing material. At the end of the monthly festival, industry judges will review the top three of each category and vote for the winners. The winners will be announced at the end of the month with a ‘Film of the month’ Laurel and Certificate for each category.

Annual UK Film Festival:

The winners of the Monthly Festival are automatically entered into the annual festival. (Winners of the ‘Short film of the month’ award and ‘First Time Film Maker’ award).

This will be an in person networking event hosted in London. During the event, there will be a Cash Prize, an FGFF Trophy as well as a certificate given out to the 2 winners of the festival.

This is the perfect networking event to meet fellow creatives within the industry, promote yourself as an artist and meet other filmmakers for possible collaboration.

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